Intended pregnancy is great news to any pregnant woman that finds out about it, but what about those unplanned ones? It’s relatively easy to tell whether a woman is going to be a mother after three or four months since conception, but what about those early signs? A pregnancy test is reliable, but they aren’t right 100% of the time.
Also, women that don’t think about pregnancy often don’t even buy a pregnancy test, and they find out only when the baby’s development really starts to get noticed. To avoid this surprise, women and their partners are supposed to know the ten most frequent signs of early pregnancy.

1. Late Period

Probably every adult is aware that a late period signifies a possible pregnancy. However, some partners tend to be too quick with their judgment. Late periods happen all the time, pregnancy-related or not.
Various environmental, mental and physical factors can contribute to a late period, so it’s important to know that one should make assumptions about a pregnancy only when the period is three weeks late. On rare occasion, the period is completely skipped for one month even without the presence of pregnancy.