Childbirth can trigger many powerful emotions in both parents, ranging from excitement and delight to anxiety and depression. When signs of depression occur after birth, they can signal postpartum depression. The exact cause isn’t yet established but hormonal changes post birthing is a factor in women. Postpartum depression or PPD usually begins two to four weeks after the birth of the child and may last up to a year. Here’s a list of signs and symptoms associated with the condition, which should alert new parents to the possibility of having PPD.

1. Sadness

Individuals with PPD have an enduring sense or sorrow and hopelessness. They may be in low spirits at all times. Even their hobbies and interests won’t please them. A lot of people are unable to pinpoint the reason for their sadness, though some admit that it is their newly born child that is causing grief. In rare cases, those with PPD may even begin resenting the child and ignore their parental duties.

Postpartum Depression signs