Pleurisy is a syndrome that is characterized by chest pain. Particularly sharp chest pain that gets worse as you continue to breathe. Another name for this condition is pleuritis, and this title refers to the lining around the lungs, called the pleura. These two linings, one that covers the lung and the other the inner wall of the chest, are lubricated by pleural fluid. However, when the lining is inflamed, extra fluid accumulates between the layers of the pleura, causing the lung fibers to react and therefore, creating a sharp pain in the lung.

Infections, some medications or the inhaling of toxins can cause the inflammation of the lining. Cancers and congestion in the heart, the obstruction of lymph glands, trauma and other collagen vascular diseases also bring on pleurisy. Other symptoms include a dry cough, tenderness in the chest and shortness of breath. You’ll need to be examined by a health professional to get a proper diagnosis, to then be able to begin treatment for the condition.



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