Pink eye is the colloquial term for conjunctivitis, which is a condition in which the conjunctiva is swollen. The conjunctiva is a layer covering the whites of the eyes. Pink eye leads to watering, redness, pain, discharge, and redness in one or both eyes. It occurs due to a viral or bacterial infection or as a consequence of some allergic reaction.
Typically, pink eye is not serious. It tends to cure itself in a week or two. However, since it’s highly contagious, so faster healing is ideal. If you have pink eye, try the following nine remedies to attain relief from symptoms.

1. Salt Water

A simple saltwater wash is a convenient remedy for pink eye that requires no exotic ingredients or procedures. Boil 1 cup of water with a half teaspoon of salt added. Use this solution as an eyewash or as eye drops. Rinsing the eyes several times a day flushes out the infection so you can recover more quickly.

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