It’s okay if you don’t immediately know the difference between certain organs like the spleen, gallbladder, or pancreas. In case you didn’t know, the pancreas is part of the digestive system. It secretes pancreatic juice that has enzymes, which directly assist with digestion by absorbing nutrients in the small intestine. The pancreas is located behind the stomach and produces insulin and other hormones that circulate throughout the blood.
People can get pancreatitis, which can be fatal if not treated quickly. It is a serious illness that is often associated with severe abdominal pains. The sensation is so hurtful that patients end up at the hospital where they are diagnosed with pancreatitis.
If you indulge in any of these ten things, it may lead to pancreatitis, there are several more causes of the illness, but these are the ten most common. Although some cannot be treated or cured, others can be prevented or managed.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a drug that often causes physical problems, especially consuming significant amounts over time. Patients with both acute and chronic pancreatitis will suffer if they drink alcohol. Doctors explain that drinking a considerable amount of alcohol will wreak havoc on a person’s pancreas, which will lead to acute pancreatitis. The earlier a patient introduces alcohol to their body also plays a factor. A long-time alcoholic usually develops chronic pancreatitis. The digestive organ just cannot process all of the excessive alcohol; it is not built to deal with such a hard substance. It is estimated that an average of 7 out of 10 patients gets the illness from alcohol use and abuse.