Osteoporosis is a somewhat common condition in which the bones in the body become very brittle and weak, leading to a host of other medical complications. Osteoporosis cannot be cured, but there are many treatments that can be utilized to lessen the symptoms and to help with the pain involved. Within the human body, the bone tissue goes through a constant cycle of absorption and replacement. When a patient is suffering from osteoporosis, the creation of the bone tissue can’t quite seem to keep up with the rate in which it is being absorbed, leading to the weakening of the bones.

1. Breaking Bones Easily

One of the first warning signs that a person suffering from osteoporosis will exhibit is that they will break and fracture bones much more easily than others, often in situations that would not warrant such an extreme result as the actual breaking of a bone. This symptom does tend to occur more frequently as a person ages, as well. Also, if you find that your bones seem to “pop” or “creak” more than is typical when you move about, you may want to make an appointment with a healthcare professional to see if early osteoporosis could be the culprit.