Mitral Valve Prolapse or MVP is a valvular heart condition whereby the leaflets of the mitral valve are abnormally thickened and bulge into the left atrium during systole. Simply put, mitral valve prolapse signifies that the valve between the heart’s upper left chamber and lower left chamber does not shut properly.
In most circumstances, MVP is not a life-threatening or serious condition. In fact, it may not even produce many noticeable symptoms. However, if the condition causes blood to flow backwards into the left atrium, complications may occur. Here’s a list of symptoms associated with mitral valve prolapse which may be observed in some patients.

1. Palpitations

MPV may cause palpitations or abnormal rhythm of heartbeat which is physical perceivable by the individual. This is not a commonly occurring condition and is typically associated with mitral regurgitation whereby there is a reverse flow of blood into the left atrium. Suffering from palpitations should alert an individual to the possibility of a cardiac condition and thus, doctor’s opinion needs be sought immediately.