Menopause is the name given to the various changed that happen to a woman’s body when she stops her reproductive period. It is made up of three stages. Perimenopause, which is the begin of menopause and symptoms may present themselves as the estrogen levels reduce, the central point where the ovaries stop producing eggs is menopause, and the last stage is post menopause which covers the years after menopause where symptoms such as hot flashes may still occur.
Menopause is an entirely normal condition that all women experience as they get older, usually sometime after the age of 40, unless you experience premature menopause. The treatments and remedies available will benefit you no matter what age you are.

1. Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy for menopausal women is one of the leading treatments to relieve some key factors of the symptoms on the temporary condition. This treatment is suitable for those women who suffer from moderate to severe menopausal symptoms and appropriate for women up to the age of 59, or who are within ten years of menopause.
Hormone therapy is not right for every woman in menopause, but it is constantly undergoing research to make it more accessible to more women, and have fewer side effects.