When a disease comes with easily recognized signs it makes the job of the doctor so much easier, and the patient gets the benefits of an early diagnosis. Lymphoma is one of those serious diseases where early identification is often very difficult because it shares many signs with more common and far less serious illnesses. In these situations the doctor might only come to suspect the nature of the illness if these signs stubbornly refuse to go away. Sometimes its signs may be localized or they could spread across the patient’s body. Lymphoma also comes in over 60 different varieties within its two main divisions of Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

1. Swollen Lymph Nodes

Many people suffer on occasion from a swelling of the lymph nodes in their necks, armpits or some other area of their upper body. In the majority of cases the swelling hurts because it is caused from an infection. It is only natural to assume if some part of the body is swollen and it hurts this must be a sign of a more serious problem than a swelling that causes no pain. Unfortunately the opposite applies to someone who has developed lymphoma. If a swelling without pain appears in one of these areas do not waste any time before contacting a doctor. It is however important to note that around half of those who suffer from lymphoma do not experience lymph node swelling.