Lupus also called systemic lupus erythematous disease (SLE), is a chronic, autoimmune condition in which a patient’s immune system loses its ability to distinguish between disease-causing foreign bodies and naturally occurring human tissues (Self). If you know the various symptoms of lupus, you can seek a professional opinion as soon as you notice any of them. Here’s a list of lupus signs to watch out for.

1. Recurrent Fever Spells

Lupus victims often contract a low-grade fever for no apparent reason every few weeks. The fever is usually low grade – not above 101 degrees Fahrenheit – but it comes with no other symptoms other than fatigue perhaps. Since this inexplicable fever could be caused by a mild infection or some other condition, doctors as well as patients tend to treat it with over-the-counter medications, without investigating further. However, if such low-grade fever spells begin to recur, it would be prudent to dig deeper.

Symptoms of Lupus: Recurrent Fever Spells