Jock Itch is a condition common to people who sweat a lot, especially athletes. It is a fungal infection that typically affects the outer layers of one’s skin. Though it can affect anyone, it is usually men who tend to develop a jock itch which though not a serious condition, may be severely discomforting nonetheless. With the use of topical treatments and a dedicated attempt at self-care, all symptoms may disappear completely in a matter of two weeks. However, if one is ignorant of their condition and/or unwilling to respond, complications may develop in rare cases. The following are some symptoms commonly associated with Jock Itch.

1. Redness

The earliest if symptoms to appear, those with jock itch develop redness in the groin, thigh or anal region, and rarely in other skin fold such as elbow crease and back of the knees. The reddened patch may grow over time, often leaving the central region clear with a highly defined, reddish-brown outline. Mostly, the redness tends to spread out if the affected area undergoes further stress with more sweat and friction. It is recommended that to prevent such aggravation, physical activity that affects the region be avoided for a while.