Jock itch is a popular name for a fungal infection in the area of the groin, and it quickly spreads to the buttocks and inner thighs. It affects both men and women, and in particular anyone who is on the weighty side or has a tendency to sweat. Although it is a mild complaint, all the same sufferers find it very irritating. Besides that annoying it the infection has physical signs since the infected skin develops a reddish rash. Scratching tends to make the situation worse, and sometimes pus appears in these areas. Jock itch is easy to treat with prescription medicines and a range of traditional home remedies.

1. Anti-fungal ointment

The standard conventional medical treatment requires the patient to apply an anti-fungal cream to the areas infected with Jock Itch. If they remember to use this ointment as directed, they can expect to see an improvement within a few days, and a little later that infection should go completely. Even though these anti-fungal creams are effective, they cannot prevent the problem returning later unless the sufferer takes certain hygienic precautions. A few people experience allergic reactions to prescription ointments so in their situations home cures are certainly going to be the preferred alternative.