Gout is an arthritic condition which is characterized by severe pain in affected joints that occurs unpredictably and with varying frequency. Excess uric acid in the body causes this condition. Under normal circumstances, the body dissolves uric acid into the blood and removes it from the via the kidneys. Since certain foods can trigger excess uric acid production, gout sufferers should avoid them to prevent an attack. If you are prone to gout attacks, you should definitely try to avoid the following foods.

1. Red Meat

Some meats are high in purine content. The body breaks down purines into uric acid, but too much can get into the bloodstream and cause attacks. Red meats have higher purine content as compared to white meats. However, if patients cannot completely give up those juicy steaks and burgers, they could opt for beef or pork instead of lamb. Lamb has a higher purine content than other meats. Gout patients should not consume too much beef or port–three times a week at most. If individuals eat lamb, they should stick to the chops instead of the leg meat.