Gout is an arthritic condition which is characterized by severe pain in affected joint(s) which occurs unpredictably and with varying frequency in different cases. This condition is caused by an anomalous degree of uric acid production in the body. Under normal circumstances, one’s body produces uric acid as excreta, which dissolves into the blood and is removed from the body by the function of the kidneys. Since certain foods have been linked to the incidence of hyperuricemia, they are best avoided by people prone to gout attacks. Here’s a list of ten foods that trigger gout that patients’ must stay away from.


1. Red Meat

There are some meats that are high in purine content. Purines are broken down by the body into uric acid, which in turn increases levels of the same in the bloodstream. Red meats have higher purine content as compared to white meats. However, if patients cannot completely give up on red meats, they could perhaps go in for beef or pork instead of lamb, the latter being highest in purines. Even with beef and pork, the portions consumed should be small and not more than three times a week. If lamb is consumed, chops are less harmful than leg meat.