Genital warts are small, fleshy outgrowths that manifest on or around genital area in both men and women. They are caused by the action of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and typically do not pose a threat to one’s health. In a lot of cases, they appear without any accompanying symptoms, though they may be painful, itchy and discomforting. Being a sexually transmitted infection, those with genital warts should be careful with sexual activity to as to prevent transferring infection to their partner. It is noteworthy that many times, genital warts disappear by themselves due to the body’s natural virus-fighting mechanism. If they don’t, an individual can consider the following methods of treatment.

1. Podophyllotoxin

Usually used for treating clusters of small warts, podophyllotoxin has a toxic effect on the cells forming them. It is applied in specific dosages directly onto the wart-clusters using special application sticks. Mostly, the liquid form is dripped onto the target area, though creamy formulations are available for places where liquid is impractical. Podophyllotoxin is administered in cycles separated by periods of rest; generally, it takes 4-5 cycles for warts to disappear completely.

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