Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissues that grow within the body and line the inside of the uterus walls actually grow outside of the uterus. This condition can be fairly common, with over 200,000 cases diagnosed every year in the United States alone. These tissues that grow outside of the uterus can begin to grow along either of the intestines, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. However, there are treatments for this condition, and they can include medications for the pain, as well as hormonal treatments and, as a last resort, surgery.

1. Menstrual Problems

Of course, there is always some pain associated with most women’s menstruation cycle, and it can vary from woman to woman, also depending upon each particular woman’s overall tolerance of the pain. However, if you are a woman and have experienced what can be considered typical menstruation cycles, you can definitely tell when something just doesn’t seem to be quite right. This type of pain can begin about a week before the period during ovulation, and it can continue up to one week after the menstruation has ended. The pain is generally a cramping sensation, but much more intense than typically experienced during menstruation.