Eczema is a common skin condition that causes redness, itchiness, and swelling. Patients may also have rough, cracked skin. Children who develop the condition may outgrow it during their childhood. However, others may continue to suffer their whole lives. Treatment options are fairly simple and include creams and ointments, warm baths and humidity. Although it is not usually painful, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing when it is in more noticeable parts of the body.

1. Rashes

The most noticeable symptom when a person has eczema is the rash. This rash is typically most prominent on the neck and behind the knees and the elbows. This rash may not be extremely painful, but it can most definitely be uncomfortable. Over-the-counter topical treatments or prescription strength treatments can help with the rash. The rashes typically consist of small, red bumps, and they can cover only a small area or may be more widespread or in multiple places at one time.