Diverticulosis is a condition that typically affects the lower portion of the large intestine or colon. While the cause of diverticulosis is unknown, it’s most common in people over 40. When these diverticula get inflamed or infected, diverticulosis becomes diverticulitis. This illness can cause severe abdominal pain, bloating and gas, fever and chills, and abnormal bowel function. The development of diverticula is often linked to dietary habits. We put together 11 of the absolute worst foods for diverticulitis and products that help.

1. Red Meat

Those with acute diverticulitis should limit consumption of red meat. Red meat is tough and difficult to digest. It moves through the bowels more slowly and will agitate an already stressed digestive tract. Red mean also causes constipation in individuals with lower digestive enzymes. Tender meats such as poultry are less likely to cause further damage. They’re therefore safer options for one who is having meat cravings. Those suffering from chronic diverticulitis may incorporate some red meat into their diet. However, they should still consume white meat more frequently.

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