Getting diagnosed with diabetes is an unfortunate reality for many people. Even though it might seem overwhelmingly difficult at first, it is actually a manageable disease provided that the right steps be taken. Daily, millions of people successfully combat diabetes by eating healthy and following their doctor’s recommendations. In the following article, we will outline the main treatment options for diabetes.


The main objective of any diabetes treatment is to keep your glucose (blood sugar) levels in check while at the same time preventing them from becoming dangerously low. The treatment type will vary according to the type of diabetes that you have. Diabetes comes in two forms: type 1 and type 2. For the former, the recommended treatment includes a combination of treatments. First, prescribed insulin (either in oral or injection form) will be necessary, as this regulates the blood sugar levels of the body; secondly, plenty of exercise as well as a balanced diet is highly recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, it will be essential to monitor blood sugar levels to assure that they are within a healthy range. Again, with type 1 diabetes, the objective is to keep blood sugar levels at adequate levels (80 and 120 mg/dL during the day and 4.4 to 6.7 mmol/L before bed).


When it comes to type 2 diabetes, the goal of the treatment is once again to help the patient sustain a sufficient level of energy and health as well as well as to regulate blood sugar levels. In this case, the treatment options normally include some of the following steps. A patient with this type of diabetes should make sure to get an abundance of exercise in order to reduce weight gain as well as improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Also, it is important to consume a balanced diet that meets the requirements set out by the American Diabetes Association (ADA): this includes consuming low amounts of sugar, fat and cholesterol. In some extreme cases, oral medications may also be prescribed to maintain healthy levels of glucose as well as to increase the insulin released by the pancreas and liver and its consequent absorption


For first time mothers, receiving a diabetes diagnosis can be a life changing moment. Luckily, most expectant mothers end up delivering completely healthy babies that can have a normal life expectancy. For gestating mothers, a healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. Complementary to a healthy diet is daily light exercise (for example, yoga). At least 30 minutes of exercise are recommended. To ensure adequate monitoring, it is furthermore recommended that blood sugar levels be measured throughout the day. Lastly, the prescribed insulin medication should be taken when necessary.