Diabetes is a disease that affects almost a whopping ten percent of the population, with numbers on the rise. As that some forms of diabetes can be greatly affected and even caused by lifestyle choices, the more unhealthy our eating habits become, the more people are diagnosed with this life-altering disease that can, in some cases, be fatal. Diabetes affects the way that the human body produces and regulates insulin, which can result in higher levels of glucose, both in the blood and in the urine, and the way that the body metabolizes carbohydrates. To try to lower your chances of developing diabetes, let’s take a look at some of the potential causes.

1. Family History

Family history can most definitely be a huge factor behind the development of particular types of diabetes. This is why “diabetes” is included on the list of diseases to check off when you are completing your intake forms at a doctor’s office or when visiting the hospital, due to the increasing factors that it represents. Usually in type 1 diabetes, the risk factors need to be inherited from both parents to be passed on to the child. However, in type 2 diabetes, it is much more easily passed on throughout the family lineage, without the need for risk factors from both sides of the family tree.