Depression, variously known as major depressive disorder, clinical depression and unipolar disorder, is a mental condition whose most distinctive characteristic is pervasive sadness. Even as the medical and social discourse around depression has become more nuanced in recent times, people tend to be very ignorant of various aspects of depression as a serious mood disorder.
Here are 7 vital facts about depression that shall enhance one’s understanding of the condition.

1. Depression can be situational and/or bio-chemical in nature.

It is only assumed that difficult life situations and traumatic events alone may trigger depression. However, in some individuals, bio-chemical processes that are symptomatic of depression may occur without identifiable situational causes being present. Neurotransmitters that regulate mood may malfunction without apparent reason and thus, it is noteworthy that people without apparent “reason for being depressed” may be suffering from the condition. Therefore, anyone exhibiting symptoms of depression should seek a medical assessment, regardless of the existence of situational triggers.