Depression comes in many different forms and at different levels of intensity. Men, women, rich and poor, teenagers and elderly can all fall victims to this illness. Depression has both physical and emotional manifestations. Because it shares some of its symptoms with other illnesses and states of mind it can be hard to identify for certain. For example, someone who suffers the loss of a close relative or friend experiences grief. If they grieve too long or too much it can turn into a depression, but the boundaries are hazy. Today the public is increasingly concerned over rising numbers of young people becoming depressed.

1. Lack of Motivation

Depression leads to people losing interest in activities they normally enjoy doing. If a person no longer responds to invitations from friends to go on trips or to places of entertainment they might be suffering from depression. Sometimes the depressed person starts to regularly neglect to take care of their appearance. They might also fail to keep their responsibilities towards other people. Al of their normal social interactions now ceases to appeal to them as they retreat into the bleak world of the depressed.