Depression is a mood disorder which, according to the World Health Organization, is affecting over 350 million people across the globe. It is a complex psychological state which has physiological effects and interferes with an individual’s routine functioning.


Since depression is relatively easy to neglect or recognize in both oneself and another person, one should be well aware of 10 typical warning signs. Here’s a list of experiences that depressed individuals may suffer.

1. Enduring Sadness

While everyone faces emotional highs and lows in life, depression is characterized by an enduring sense of sadness which inhabits the mind completely. Depressed individuals feel a sense of utter hopelessness and defeat as if life is completely meaningless. Such state of mind is different from ordinary unhappiness in that it prevents an individual from functioning rationally and routinely in daily life. Therefore, depression can be truly incapacitating, which makes it all the more advisable that professional assistance be sought at the earliest on the onslaught of depressive tendencies.