Clinical depression is not often given the serious attention it deserves. But unlike the sadness produced by a wide number of life processes and experiences, clinical depression is more intense and debilitating; it may impede routine functioning in affected individuals. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment in order to prevent serious problems in one’s personal and professional life. However, some people may be averse to the idea of taking medication for the same. Or perhaps their condition may not be so severe as to warrant it. In such circumstances, these following non-medical treatments can be sought instead.

1. Psychotherapy

One of the most common and effective means of treating depression is psychotherapy which involves interaction with a trained specialist for the alleviation of angst. Within psychotherapy, there are various modalities of treatment including interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and so on that may be employed. It is upon the therapist’s recommendation that the course of action to this extent is decided. Many depressed individuals find much relief from interacting and discussing their life with an individual so distanced from it. Psychotherapy is thus one of the most popular and highly recommended non-medical treatment options for depression.