People can become depressed for different reasons: the passing away of a loved one, loss of work, or just high amounts of stress. Sometimes depression comes and goes in waves, and sometimes it can be long-lasting. In any case, depression can make you feel lifeless and numb, which can severely limit a person’s quality of life. Depression is a highly complex condition, which can be caused by different factors depending on your circumstances.

1. Winter Weather

It may seem surreal, but changes in seasonal weather can cause depression. This is especially true for populations that are centered around northern and southern latitudes. This condition is known as seasonal affective disorder, and it affects up to 5% of Americans. When your body adjusts to a new season, all kinds of changes take place, both a hormonal and physical level. This can cause problems with emotions, therefore causing depression. The body may have difficulties adjusting to the diminished amount of sunlight, which can, in turn, lead to feelings of drowsiness and depression.

winter depression