Dengue fever is relatively rare in most parts of the world. It is most prevalent in the tropical parts of the Earth. Mosquitoes are the primary transmitters of the disease, causing a wide range of symptoms to appear. Some of the more serious symptoms include severe pain in the muscles and the joints as well as a fever. If you plan on traveling to an area that is rampant with mosquitoes, take the necessary precautions to protect against infection. Find out the top 10 signs of dengue fever.

1. Blood in Stools

Blood in the stools usually occurs within three to five days after developing a fever. Also known as melena, bloody stools are a serious symptom that warrants medical intervention. This is a result of bleeding in the intestines. You can check to see if you have bloody stools by examining your stool after going to the bathroom. If it appears black or coal-colored, you may have blood in your stool.