Cellulitis is the medical term for a bacterial infection located in the deeper layers of your skin. Its a dangerous, sudden and potentially fatal condition which requires medical attention urgently. Most individuals are prescribed antibiotic medication and recover in the comfort of their own homes. Severe infections may demand hospitalization to stop the disease. The symptoms of cellulitis are diverse due to the range and severity of the bacterial infection. Cellulitis spreads rapidly and quickly gets out of hand. If you recognize any of these symptoms, it’s essential you consult your physician right away.

1. Skin Symptoms

The surface of the skin is always in threat of exposure to wounds, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. When a cellulitis infection harms the skin, it causes the upper layer of the skin to appear swollen, red, hot-to-the-touch, and possibly tender to the touch. Often cellulitis can cause blood and pus-filled blisters to break open, and these blisters are spread anywhere on the skin.

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