According to the frightening statistics over 15% of men in American can expect to get this disease. The likelihood increases when they become over 50. These figures also show that the chance of getting prostate cancer are unevenly spread amongst ethnic groups with black Americans facing a higher risk than others. Unfortunately in its early stages the disease often goes unnoticed because it is not always so noticeable. Early detection makes a major difference to successful treatment. Because of its life-threatening nature it pays to err on the side of caution and get a professional medical diagnosis if certain symptoms appear.

1. Interrupted Urination

Before anyone goes into a panic there are also more benign reasons why a man might find that his urine does not flow freely. In particular, in the course of the transition from middle age to old age the prostate gland often becomes enlarged. In the majority of cases this is what causes this potentially disturbing change in urination patterns. The medical name for this condition is prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). While this sounds intimidating it poses no threat to life so it is a diagnosis a patient would be pleased to receive.