Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of non-melanoma skin cancer and is sometimes known as basal cell skin cancer. This cancer develops directly from the basal cells in the body. These cells are found at the very bottom layer of the epidermis and around the hair follicles. Caused by sunlight damage to the skin, it is mostly on the face and neck, top of the shoulder, chest, and back. There are several types if this kind of skin cancer presenting itself in various forms of lesions on the skin, and it’s important to know which ones are which.

1. Small Lumps

These little lumps come in the form of a pearly pimple like feature, just under the skin. They are translucent enough for the naked eye to see the surface of the lump under the skin and often you may see tiny blood vessels in there too. This is the most common form of basal cell carcinoma and will most often appear on the face, ears or neck. From time to time these pimples may rupture and bleed, before scabbing over.

basal cell carcinoma