A simple mention of this life-threatening disease is enough to send the shivers up the spine! According to the latest figures for the , men have a higher than one in eight chance of eventually developing prostate cancer. The older they become the more they are at risk, and these risks increase after a man passes his jubilee. The disease is also more prevalent with certain ethnicities, for example, in the black American community. Getting an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible significantly improves the changes of effective treatment but the first signs of disease are often not so apparent.

1. Disturbing Visit to the Bathroom

Visits to the bathroom provide an early warning sign that something is amiss. Normally, a man urinates without giving the act a second thought but if the urine stops and starts he might have reason for worry. After he passes a certain age this could happen due to a natural enlargement of the prostate gland. If this turns out to be the cause he should give a sigh of relief since prostatic hyperplasia (to use the official medical term) is quite normal and should not cause him any health concerns. However, if he is a long way off pension age this should not be happening.