A subdural hematoma is a serious condition where blood collects between the brain surface and the skull. This is due to blood escaping from a damaged vessel in the subdural space and forming a blood clot (hematoma). A car crash, violent assault or a fall are some situations where head injury can result in a subdural hematoma. In a few cases, a mild bump on the head can also cause one. A minor head injury is more likely to cause a subdural hematoma if an individual is over 60, taking blood-thinning medication or has a history of alcohol abuse.

1. Confused or slurred speech

There are many causes of slurred speech such as alcohol intoxication or a drug overdose or misused medication. Common causes of slurred speech are neurological disorders such as brain injury, brain tumors or a stroke. It’s important to react quickly to this symptom because if it is an indication of a stroke, rapid treatment can preserve brain function. If it is due to a subdural hematoma, surgery is recommended. Very small subdural hematomas may be carefully monitored at first to see if they heal without an operation. Medications like diuretics and corticosteroids can help to reduce and control brain swelling.