The urinary bladder is an essential part of the genitourinary system of the human body. It’s that part of the urinary tract that stores the toxin-containing urine produced by the kidneys. Since it connects to the outside of the body via the urethra, it’s quite prone to get infected due to a migration of bacteria up the urinary tract. Bladder infection, also known as a urinary tract infection (UTI), is one of the most common types of bacterial infection that affects human beings. Such an infection has many symptoms and is particularly dangerous because it can even travel to the kidneys, causing severe effects on the person’s health.

1. Urination Pain

Discomfort during urination is considered to be the most visible sign of a urinary bladder infection. The person may not just feel a burning sensation, but a sharp pain and peculiar discomfort while urinating. This symptom alone may be enough to cause a visit to the doctor. Urinary tract infections are dangerous because they can infect the kidneys and cause waste products to build up in your system.

bladder infection