Bipolar disorder affects the brain in a way that causes wild mood swings. An individual suffering from this condition is sometimes labeled a manic depressive but the dramatic mood changes can also make them appear to be extremely happy. This disorder is very hard to correctly diagnose. A number of years might pass before the health care specialist realizes the source of these problems. A major reason why identification is so difficult is the way that symptoms easily get confused with those of other illnesses. Quite often doctors mistakenly diagnose a case of bipolar disorder as severe depression or schizophrenia.

1. Down into the depths of depression

It is hard to find a human being who is upbeat all of the time. Most of us have low moods due to some difficulties or disappointment in life, or perhaps due to other factors such as the lady who gets a postnatal depression. At the most basic level the depressed feelings of a bipolar disorder sufferer go to extremes not normally found in others. They appear to be totally drained of energy with no motivation to get up and do anything. They might spend a great deal of time sleeping and become very irritable and awkward to handle.