Back pain varies in severity from a mildly uncomfortable level to an excruciating pain that is only curable via an operation. The employee sickness figures for the UK show that back pain is one of the most common reasons for taking sick leave, and this situation is also probably duplicated in other western countries. In most cases, back pain is relatively mild and treated with painkillers bought from a pharmacy. In many instances, poor seating posture is a major factor contributing to back pain but this pain also commonly occurs due to a car or work accident or a sporting injury.

1. Variable Lower Back Pain

Pain in the area of the lower back is most likely to come from poor posture unless of course, some injury seems to be a more likely cause. Sometimes this pain comes on after you lift a heavy object, so its cause is readily apparent, but in other cases, it develops over a long time; in this latter case, poor posture is the most obvious explanation. This pain may remain focused on the lower back, or it could also move down the leg. Sometimes pain is more severe at night, and it can also increase after spending a long time seated or following a lengthy journey.