Surveys show that back pain is one of the leading reasons why workers need to take sick leave. In the vast majority of cases the pain is unconnected with any serious disease but rather results from a minor strain or slight nerve damage. Often this injury is sustained during regularly activities in the home or office but sporting back injuries are also quite common. Sometimes back pain apparently develops independently of any injury or unusual strain. A good number of people wake up one morning with pains in the back and they have no idea why they feel this way.

1. Nonspecifric Back Pain

Taking all the amazing recent advances in medical science into account it may be hard to believe that the leading cause of back pain is categorized as non-specific. This is a nice way of saying that these are pains whose source eludes us! More often than not when the patient goes to the doctor to complain about back pain the doctor will not be able to find a certain issue or illness that clearly caused this pain. These nonspecific pains vary from the slight to very severe but without understanding the cause it is hard to know what treatment to prescribe. In this respect they might seem worse than the other kinds of back pains with identifiable causes even thought the pain magnitude level does not differ.