If you have psoriatic arthritis, you need to control the inflammation that causes your joints to swell and ache. You will alleviate the pain you feel on the inside and outside of your body. Treatment may not only ease your pain, but it can prevent further damage. You need to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Depending on your condition, there are different medications. The location of your psoriatic arthritis will also play a factor in your treatment options. There is medicine you can use only when you get a flare-up compared to prescriptions to help prevent future tissue damage. For those of you who have severe psoriatic arthritis, surgery is an option.

1. Physical therapy

Physical therapy will benefit anyone with psoriatic arthritis, especially if you have a mild condition and do not want to take any medication. It will improve your range of motion, function, and flexibility of the affected joints. You can visit a physical therapist, and he or she will customize a workout routine that will target your specific symptoms. An occupational therapist can also assist you with tailor-made activities that will help you perform daily tasks with your hands and arms in a less painful way. The exercises you learn will teach you how to avoid overusing your damaged joints and stay safe at home and work.