The intervertebral disc is the disc that lies between two vertebrae. This disc acts like a joint that separates the two adjacent vertebrae but still keeps them connected. These discs also allow some minimal movement of the vertebrae as well as play a significant role by acting as a cushion that absorbs shock or trauma to the vertebral column.
Spondylosis broadly means spinal cord degeneration, but it usually refers to the breakdown of joint cartilage of the spinal vertebra. This breakdown is a result of the accumulated wear and tear of the vertebrae. Here are ten treatments for cervical spondylosis:

1. Know when to visit your doctor

You should visit your doctor whenever you feel like the pain is stopping you from having a normal life or if you suddenly start to feel numbness or tingling in your shoulders or arms. However, other symptoms require an immediate medical attention like losing your balance or losing the ability to control your bowel or your bladder.
It is really important that you follow the recommendations of your doctor and take your medications according to schedule.