Before we start off this journey into the depths of your stomach, we have to say one thing. Appendicitis is a dangerous condition. Before you do anything, do consult your doctor and ONLY THEN apply any treatment of your own. Even then, you should seek the advice of a medical expert. Your appendix is not to be trifled with. What is the big, bad appendicitis? Well, it’s an inflammation of the appendix. It can be acute or chronic, depending on the case. An appendix is a small protrusion of the colon. You can find it in the lower right corner of the abdomen. It’s also one of the medicine’s most famous mysteries. Nobody knows for sure why we still have this seemingly useless protrusion.
A prominent theory is that we had a functioning appendix until 50.000 years ago. What did we need those good bacteria for, then? There are several published papers about this. Scientists suspect a few thin. The appendix could have been a security option in case of a bowel infection. One day, we may find out more. Until then, we want to give you the ten best treatments for appendicitis. To be clear, these are in no way cures. Think of them as responsible and clever ways to make your condition easier. Combining all them at once would be the best bet. You may know some of them, and you may not. What’s sure is that applying these measures will make your road to an appendix removal much easier.

1. Garlic

This amazing addition to your diet is a known anti-inflammatory factor. In fact, it’s so strong that it may easily relieve you of appendicitis symptoms. Garlic is amazingly antibacterial and effective. It can battle even the strongest inflammations. It would be a shame not to use its effects when battling problems with the appendix.
Your best bet would be eating 2 or 3 garlic cloves on an empty stomach, daily. If you want even more beneficial effects, add it to your favorite lunch dishes. If you hate the taste, grab some garlic capsules. They too work wonders.