Around 3.3 million adults in the US suffer from anxiety, and no one thing alone causes it. Contributing factors are varying and depend a lot on family history and lifestyle, but things like lack of sleep, thyroid disorders, nicotine, medications, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and depression all create anxiety levels in the human body. There are many ways to treat or dull the symptoms of anxiety, and if you are looking to start at home, the remedies for anxiety are simple, yet effective so everyone can reap the benefits.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is a wonder home remedy and those in the know; know how great it can be for all sorts of conditions. For anxiety, it is perfect as it promotes relaxation and it even has a mild sedative in it. You can take chamomile supplements if your doctor has recommended a larger dosage than what is available through tea alone, but for most cases of mild to moderate anxiety, chamomile tea a few times a day for a month or two will help greatly. To make the tea, it is best to use dried chamomile flowers and brew tea for around 5 minutes before straining and drinking.