All individuals experience fear and anxiety from time to time, mostly in response to circumstantial occurrences. However, if a person suffers from a persistent, uncontrollable and irrational sense of worry seemingly all the time, they may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). One may develop such anxiety disorder in their childhood or as an adult but either way, coping with it on a regular basis can be very challenging. A combination of medication, psychotherapy and lifestyle changes may be helpful, but only if one is cognizant of their condition. Here is a list of signs and symptoms associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

1. Fixation Upon The Outcome Of Events 

People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder worry excessively about the outcome of events. Even before the occurrence of an event or occasion, they will be wholly preoccupied with the numerous possibilities it entails. Regardless of the plausibility of these scenarios, they will worry about “what might happen”. In fact, in severe cases, individuals with GAD may not even have a specific circumstance to focus upon. They may suffer from inexplicable anxiety about the most mundane, routine things such as waking up in the morning, travelling to office and so on. In such cases, professional help is recommended for this nature of perpetual worry can be severely debilitating. If nothing else, psychotherapy (without medication) can help suffering individuals let off some steam and gain perspective through articulation/discussion.
 Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder