Anemia is a common blood disorder wherein a person doesn’t have enough hemoglobin to carry sufficient oxygen to the tissues. Iron is needed for the production of red blood cells that carry hemoglobin in the body.


The signs of anemia are generally understated and vague. When anemia is of a mild nature, it may not show any symptoms at all. However, when it comes on quickly or is of a more severe nature, it can cause a host of symptoms. Let’s take a look at common telltale signs of anemia that should not be ignored.

1. Fatigue

Without sufficient oxygenated blood, one tends to become fatigued. Typically, the first and the most common symptom of anemia is loss of energy or fatigue. It is not that sluggish feeling you get from being stressed out or after working overtime; it’s a different type of weakness—bone tiredness that affects your overall quality of life. There will be an unusual drop in the energy levels, which can hamper the daily activities. Therefore, if you remain exhausted all the time lately, particularly if you are getting adequate amounts of quality sleep, consider getting a medical evaluation for anemia.