This degenerative disease shares much in common with the better-known Alzheimer’s disease, but it takes hold much faster. Dementia develops as nerve cells die or deteriorate, and doctors don’t yet know what causes the condition. There is no cure for LBD, but medication can help to moderate some of the symptoms. LBD is tough to diagnose accurately while the individual is still living, but several common symptoms can help guide your doctor in making an accurate diagnosis.

1. Difficulty Concentrating

A significant decline in your ability to concentrate is a classic Lewy body dementia symptom. It is far from unusual for older adults to find it harder to concentrate than they did in their younger years, as this is part of the normal aging process. However, if you have LBD, the difference will be more prominent. At one point in the day, you may be able to concentrate just fine, and at another, you may have difficulty focusing on even the simplest tasks.

Lewy body dementia