The attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental impairment that affects children at or around the age of 7. When disregarded or untreated for a while, ADD is rather progressive and can take a massive toll on the maturing child. Studies estimate somewhere around a 70% inheritance rate when parents or a parent with ADD are conceiving a child. The exact part of the DNA strand that carries ADD throughout generations hasn’t yet been pinpointed due to the difficulty of its research.
Children that are affected by this illness experienced various difficulties with anything that requires focus, since the disease simply makes them unable to maintain a long attention span. The inability to perform these actions results in numerous problems during the schooling period, which causes additional concerns for both children and their parents. Parents absolutely need to be aware of the presence of this issue, and they can easily achieve that by knowing the 10 symptoms that define this disease.

1. Inattention

Children with ADD are extremely hard to educate, due to their constant fidgeting and thought changes. Although it may sometimes seem like nothing can make them focus, they tend to pay attention really well to things that actually interest them.
When something, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as interesting, they often forget that they’re even trying to do whatever action at hand and quickly switch to something else. The children don’t do this on purpose, but it is still quite irritating to the instructor. This is why children with ADD need teachers who are experts in this field.