The thyroid gland secretes a hormone that governs several vital bodily functions, including growth and metabolic activity. When the thyroid malfunctions and produces the thyroid hormone in either excess or deficient amounts, numerous symptoms of ill-health manifest over time. A thyroid problem, then, refers to a set of symptoms that are associated with either hypothyroidism, in the case of an underactive thyroid gland, or hyperthyroidism, which refers to an overactive thyroid gland. Here are 10 warning signs typically associated with a dysfunctional thyroid.

1. Family History

People with a family history of thyroid or other gland-related medical conditions are at higher risk of developing thyroid problems. Genetics alone cannot determine susceptibility to thyroid problems, nor is it usually the cause of incidence. However, there is a linkage between genetics and thyroid disease, and thus, those with a family member who has thyroid issues should be alert regarding the appearance of symptoms.