Petechiae are round freckle-like spots that appear on the skin. They occur due to bleeding from the capillaries that attach your arteries to your veins. They may look like a rash and are red, brown, or purple. The spots can show up all over the body, including places like the eyelids or inside your mouth.

A number of different factors cause petechiae. Since the spots can sometimes be very serious, you should consult with your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms.

Keep reading to learn more about symptoms and causes of this skin condition.

1. Causes of Petechiae

Something as simple as vomiting can cause petechiae. When you vomit, sometimes you’ll notice red spots on your face. The capillaries that attach your arteries to their veins will burst, causing the red spots when the blood leaks into the skin.

Petechiae can appear because of excessive straining, undiagnosed medical conditions, previously diagnosed medical conditions, and medications. Delving deeper into the causes will give you a better understanding of these spots.