This easily communicated skin disease is passed virally through personal contact with someone who has this condition or items they handled. Blistering, rashes and itchy skin are amongst the most common symptoms of scabies. Without a doubt, the harm to personal appearance and the irritation it causes are real concerns although thankfully it poses no long-term health risks if it is treated effectively. It is unrealistic to expect to find a complete cure without using conventional medicines, but home remedies can definitely help speed up the healing process. They might also help to eliminate some of the undesirable side effects of the drug the doctor prescribed.

1. Know your Onions

Onions are one of the most popular ingredients in salads and cooked dishes, but this cook’s favorite also contains substances with medicinal properties. In particular, onions are rich in the quercetin and organosulfur substances that help the skin heal after an outbreak of scabies. In this case, the sick person applies small pieces of onion mixed with salt to infected skin areas a couple of times each day. Maybe having more onion in the daily diet also helps – it certainly cannot do any harm.