Nasal polyps are small, noncancerous growths that line your nasal passages or sinuses. You can have nasal polyps and not even know it, as small ones often have no symptoms. They have the appearance of hanging grapes or teardrops and can be the result of inflammation due to lung conditions. People might get nasal polyps due to asthma, immune disorders, infections, allergies and even sensitivity to certain drugs.

Nasal polyps are not normally painful. Most people will never feel them. They generally occur in the sinus cavities. Let’s explore some of the common symptoms of nasal polyps.

1. Stuffy Nose

Since nasal polyps do indeed take up space in your nasal passage or sinus cavities, they can make your nose feel stuffed up. If you do not have allergies and have not been sick yet your nose is chronically stuffed up, you may have nasal polyps. However, it should be noted that not all growths in the nose are polyps. If your nose has been stuffed for 12 weeks or more, nasal polyps might be blocking your airflow. When the polyps are small, you likely will not experience a stuffy nose, but when they grow larger your chance of symptoms increases. Sinus pressure may accompany stuffiness. Since stuffy noses are also shared with other health conditions such as the common cold, allergies or the flu, people often overlook this symptom.