Coughing spells are usually caused by either an infection or an allergy. Depending upon the nature and severity of other symptoms, people may or may not choose to consult a doctor for cough; they may attempt to treat it themselves, either through self-medication or home remedies. The former path is unadvisable, but home remedies can be very effective in treating cough. They are based on the common personal experiences of discomfort and relief that have been in vogue for many, many centuries. If one has a mild cough, they could try the following home remedies – this is a great way of regaining health as well as avoiding frequent intake of allopathic medication.

1. Treat With Honey

A spoonful of honey is said to effectively calm a persistent cough than over-the-counter medicines. It is an age-old dry cough home remedy that works wonders because of its analgesic properties. Being a rich demulcent, it sticks incredibly to the irritated mucous membranes and coats all those areas to provide relief. Honey also has antibacterial properties which shorten the duration for which you may cough (if caused by bacterial illnesses). Simply mix honey in warm milk and drink it for relieving chest pain accompanied with incessant cough.