A cough is a basic reflex action, by which the throat gets free from foreign irritants (microbes and mucus). Where an occasional cough is quite normal, a persistent cough on the other hand may be hinting towards an underlying problem. An ‘acute’ cough episode will clear up within a few days or a week; however the one that last more than seven or eight weeks is a ‘chronic’ one.
As strange as it may seem, the presence of common cough is often a pointer to a variety of possible conditions that shouldn’t be ignored. Various symptoms and characteristics associated with a cough can be observed in order to judge the possible causes, which can vary from just insignificant to fatal ones.


1. Smoking

Infamous for the numerous ill-effects that it has on the human body, smoking bestows its most adverse effects on the respiratory system only. It can cause extreme damage to the entire respiratory tract, causing irreversible damage to the hair-like protective structures of the respiratory tract known as Cilia which leaves the lungs highly vulnerable. The body, hence, triggers the formation of cough in order to protect the lungs from foreign attacks.
Excessive smoking may even result in bleeding along with coughing. If the smoker is not willing to quit, then it may even lead to worse diseases like bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Such a cough may easily fade away in a few weeks after the sufferer quits smoking.