Burning mouth syndrome or BMS is a medical term which refers to a chronic burning of the mouth. Usually, this sensation doesn’t have an obvious cause. You may feel the pain, discomfort or a burning sensation in the different parts of your mouth. Either that or you may feel it in the entirety of your mouth. Usually, it would feel like when you’ve scalded your mouth by taking in something hot.


This condition may appear out of nowhere, suddenly or gradually as time goes by. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of burning mouth syndrome. What you can look out for, are the signs and symptoms of it. Here are the most common ones:

1. Burning Sensation in the Mouth

The most common and most major symptom of burning mouth syndrome is a pain in the mouth. It can either feel like a scalding sensation, a burning sensation or a tingling sensation. This symptom appears to most people who have this condition. You’ll feel like you’ve just consumed some really hot broth, soup or beverage.


The pain felt because of BMS can last for weeks, months or years. The level and frequency of pain vary from person to person. And strangely enough, the pain lessens after some people eat or drink something.