The liver is the body’s largest and most complex organ, and it works continuously to produce the bile necessary for fat digestion and blood detoxification. The primary function of this organ is to remove various toxins from the body. These include chemicals, alcohol, preservatives and other by-products that would otherwise build up in a person’s bloodstream and cause health problems. More than one liter of blood is filtered through the liver each minute. When liver enzymes are elevated, it is a symptom that the liver is working too hard. Fortunately, people can lower liver enzymes with lifestyle changes.

1. Avoid Excessive Alcohol Use

According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a direct link to high alcohol consumption and liver disease. Fortunately, substituting alcoholic drinks for healthier beverages can significantly lower the risk of various types of liver disease. Even simply limiting the use of alcohol to less than three drinks per week substantially lowers liver enzymes in almost all individuals.

liver enzymessipopba / Getty Images